Michelle’s Pet peeves

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Many people think that I have the easiest job because I can work from home, my office, or any hotel room in the world.  Regardless where I work from, it does not eliminate my frustrations.

I have decided to express my pet peeves in my blog for you all to see that this job is not as easy as some think it is.

10.)   Hang up’s – Why is it that when you call me to inquire about the services that Sweet Montreal has to offer many then say OK and hang up… No thank you’s, goodbye’s or I will call you later; NOTHING.  Quite frankly if you have so little manners and respect for me over the phone how will you treat the escort that you invite over?  Honestly if you call me back I will refuse to serve you.  I cannot stand impolite people.

9.)   Text Messages – I know it’s 2013 and people prefer to text than call which is fine but short sentences like: U free? Whats up baby? Hey sexy! In or Out? These so called questions do not get answered.  First off this is an escort agency not an independents website, secondly I am not your baby and thirdly it’s not FREE!  I take serious inquiries and bookings via SMS (text msg) with great pleasure so please do not hesitate  to contact me this way, however I do like to know that you are capable of proper communication!  Again I do not accept impoliteness at all.

8.)   Vulgarity – I do not and will not accept any form of aggression, vulgarity or nasty comments/suggestions.  No need to even give you an example, I think I am pretty clear on this one!

7.)   Immaturity – As long as you are of legal age to use an escorts service we do not have any problem sending you a lady.  If you cannot ask questions or book without giggling like a high school girl than call somewhere else.  To be honest it’s not the 18 year old boys doing the giggling it is usually the 30 or 40 year old men.  This is quite common actually, it happens every few months that we will get a group of “boys” calling for girls but cannot compose themselves long enough to give me any proper information.  I have to admit that when I do hang up I do get a good giggle myself!

6.)   Punctuality – I always do my best to make sure that my ladies are on time for appointments.  The drivers may run into traffic, detours, construction, road blocks, protests (we are in Montreal don’t forget).  I do however keep my clients informed in case any of these obstacles occur while they are on the way to you, but please do not call me every 2 minutes.  We cannot move traffic nor can we fly so until things clear I am unable to predict time.  I do appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, again this is not common but can happen.

5.)   Lurkers – Website lurkers are people that are constantly watching my website and call me every few days inquiring about  ladies, rates, or any recent change that may have been done to my website.  These people NEVER BOOK and NEVER WILL.  I wonder how many other websites they are stalking.  When they call it’s as if they are getting off listening to me naming the ladies available.  It creeps me out; I am not a phone sex operator!

4.)   Prank Calls – Most of the prank calls I get are from my competitors trying to send us to a bad location, or a fake call.  It has been 10 years that we are in business I am not easily fooled.  I get prank calls from random people as well and the things that they come up with are quite odd.  I just do not understand what they accomplish  by doing such things.  I guess they accomplish frustrating the hell out of me!  Works every time

3.)   I do not Work – I am an agency owner not a courtesan so please do not ask me 10 times in one phone call to visit with you.  It will not happen.  I understand you may be curious to ask and I am flattered but once I say no then please respect that.  I am not interested in how good looking you are or how much money you have, nothing will change my mind.  😉

2.)   Computer generated numbers – I will not accept any bookings from these fake phone numbers.  You must provide a valid working number that I will verify at your time of booking.  When your number shows up as 0123456789 I tend not to answer!

1.)   Blocked calls – We are a very discreet agency and guarantee that any information given to us is private.  I understand that some phones automatically show up as blocked but please do not expect to make any bookings with us without all the information that we require.  If you cannot provide what we need then we will not accept your appointment.  Do not call with a blocked number from a hotel lobby without a name and expect a lady to meet you in the hotel reception area looking for some guy in jeans.  Your booking will not be taken seriously and we will not waste our time playing a game of hide and seek.