How to get the biggest BANG for your buck? by admin

When calling a lady over for a visit I am sure all you gentlemen expect her to come showered, perfumed and most importantly smooth in all the right places. Well, I will let you in on a little secret… The ladies expect the same from you as well

How is it that some guys are not recently showered, or smell like they have just come home from the gym? This is one of the most important things – when inviting a lady over please have proper hygiene.

Not only is your personal hygiene an important factor but your surroundings say a lot about you as well. When you open your door whether it be a residence or hotel please make sure that your place is in proper order. A classy girl does not want a smelly house, or having to walk over clothes and/or garbage. This is quite common and does not go over very well with my ladies. Please tidy up before the lady arrives.

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Beware of False Advertising and Escort Agency Scams by admin

I recently read an article in a local newspaper about Montreal having high end escort agencies advertising  but having low end escorts showing up at the door.  One customer who is a frequent visitor to Montreal says he  ”cannot understand what has happened to this city”  Although there are many escort operators who open up these “fly by night” agencies, Montreal is still a very popular place to call escorts.  Men tend to visit Montreal just for the escorts; another customer said that he visited here for the escorts because “the prices are low, the girls are open minded and beautiful”.  The trick is though how do you find the right agency?  This seems to be a major problem right now.  How do you weed out the bad from the good? 

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Envious Competitors by admin

I have been in this business for over the last 10 years and have been able to uphold an outstanding reputation; it takes a lot of work, dedication and sleepless nights!

Anyone can open up an agency and call themselves #1, I actually get a kick out of watching these temporary agencies TRYING to run a legitimate business.  Unfortunately the ones who get caught by these “fly by nighters” are the clients which gives the reputable agencies a bad wrap!

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Recommended Montreal Nightclubs by admin

Montreal Nightclubs recommended by Michelle Sweet Montreal Escorts

Montreal nightclubs are renowned worldwide for three reasons: the 18+ legal drinking age, am last call and cheap drinks. This is Canada’s party heaven where mega-clubs pack raging dancers, international DJs can be found performing throughout the week and inhibitions aren’t really a thing.

Montreal has two major clubbing districts: Crescent Street on the west side and Saint Laurent Boulevard a few kilometers to the east. But the city’s nightlife certainly doesn’t begin and end with these two areas. Many of the top nightclubs can be found all over Montreal, especially if you’re looking to avoid the 18+ scene and seek a more mature experience. Please call Michelle of Sweet Montreal Escorts for more options.

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Michelle’s Pet peeves by admin

Many people think that I have the easiest job because I can work from home, my office, or any hotel room in the world.  Regardless where I work from, it does not eliminate my frustrations.

I have decided to express my pet peeves in my blog for you all to see that this job is not as easy as some think it is.

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