Envious Competitors

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I have been in this business for over the last 10 years and have been able to uphold an outstanding reputation; it takes a lot of work, dedication and sleepless nights!

Anyone can open up an agency and call themselves #1, I actually get a kick out of watching these temporary agencies TRYING to run a legitimate business.  Unfortunately the ones who get caught by these “fly by nighters” are the clients which gives the reputable agencies a bad wrap!

Thankfully technology today gives us the freedom to inform the clients who to be weary of.  I intend to use my blog to make sure that you can identify the ‘thieves’ of the business!

It’s simple; take a look at my website.  Look at the ladies, look at my rates and services.  This is how my agency has been running for years.  Now take a look at some other agencies out there.  Can you identify the ‘copycats’?  I mean don’t get me wrong I take it as a COMPLIMENT of course!  If they are copying me it proves that I am #1 and not because I voted my self as #1 but because I have worked hard!  I have thousands of followers through social media; we have outstanding reviews, repeat clients, and beautiful girls… And most of all ENVIOUS COMPETITORS!!!

Bye for now