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What is the reality of meeting with one of our Sweet Montreal escorts?

The truth is that we go above and beyond for all of our clients to ensure your satisfaction.  We accept certain requests such as outfits, dinner arrangements, party planning etc.  We will do our absolute best to make sure that your appointment will go smoothly and that the ladies exceed all of your expectations physically and emotionally.

What do we consider a fantasy?

As much as we appreciate all requests and take each one seriously there are some that cannot be fulfilled.

We have received many emails and phone calls from gentlemen hoping for a lady to live out a certain fantasy like they see in a Porn movie.  The ladies cannot perform an act in a bar, nor can they rein act the scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts is sitting on the Piano in the lounge area of the hotel.

Our Montreal escorts respect your privacy and anonymity.  They expect the same from those they meet as well.  We ask that you understand why they must be discreet.  What goes on behind closed doors is between you and the lady, no one else.

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